Thursday, 24 September 2009

A hotel good for the environment...and a stay there is very good for you!

Rafayel on the Left Bank is going to be very good for the environment...when it opens in December it is going to be one of the first "green"'s also going to be good for you!

Rafayel will minimise our impact on the environment by reducing each guest’s carbon footprint dramatically. The average London guest notches up a colossal carbon footprint of 70kg per night; at Rafayel it will be reduced to a manageable 17kg. A complete LED hotel, it will reduce overall electrical costs by a staggering 80% too: a glimpse into the future for hotels and homes alike.

In short its all very impressive. It has always been our vision that luxury and environmetally friendly dont have to be mutually exclusive.

And even better a stay at Rafayel could be good for you! We are working with CONTENT Wellworld Spas. Wellworld combine the best holistic health practices and beauty treatments to provide a unique wellbeing experience.

Each Wellworld Spa is unique and focuses on a selection of local beauty and wellbeing treatments alongside the finest organic world beauty brands.

Basically a few hours in our spa and your going to come out feeling a new (and "greener") person!

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