Sunday, 15 May 2011

Banyan on the Thames - Gastronaut's Glee

Gastronauts are reviewers who are considered as unsentimental lovers of food and culinary experts with thin-skinned taste buds

Banyan on Thames has such interesting menu-I have been several times and enjoyed it every time. I was sad that the battered monkfish and chips is no loner on the menu-the haddock was not quie as good.The scallops as starters were delicious as was my friend's crab and my dessert of lemon and bluebery pie with Italian meringue was very tasty. Service was good, as ever and we enjoyed our evening.

·      overall: 8.5

·      food: 9

·      value: 9

·      service: 9

·      toilets: 8

·      ambience: 8

·      recommend: 8

9 May 2011

LOVE Banyan on the Thames! It was a really nice evening, I just missed the sunset!!!! But food was excellent. Thai fishcakes to start with and the T-bone steak was cooked to perfection. Will be going back again as it is brilliant value with this offer. Service lets it down slightly, the staff all look a bit miserable!

·      overall: 8.8

·      food: 9

·      value: 10

·      service: 6

·      toilets: 10

·      ambience: 10

·      recommend: 8

9 May 2011

Banyan on Thames offers good food with a bit of a twist, its a lovely restaurant with great atmosphere and I would definitely recommend it, The rack of lamb is my favourite, always cooked to perfection - already booking up my next meal :)

·     overall: 10.0

·     food: 10

·     value: 10

·     service: 10

·     toilets: 10

·     ambience: 10

·     recommend: 10

Rafayel management - Uniqueness in motion: ideate, innovate, integrate, implement

To optimize their performance, 'Managers' require strategy, intelligence, and knowledge of macro and microeconomic indicators.

In today’s world, hotel rooms run by chains are becoming stereotyped – all designed in a similar and
identical pattern, all run with an identical temperament.  It has to change to personalised attention, that the service should exceed expectations: this is the core of hospitality business.

All employees should think broadly, they should understand the term 'packed experience,' the guest wants the best stay and the best usage of all facilities.  Hotels are rarely inviting enough on all fronts. An ideal hotel should have all-inclusive services in one deal: that is what we want to concentrate on. 

We have the all the services with no extra additions and surprises: Cigar bar, Japanese terraces and Spa/Gym are part of a single experience. This should be the key focus of all employees who face the guests.

Our all inclusive deal with no surprises should be promoted and highlighted to every customer; they should be able to use all our facilities like free broadband, access to games; iPad, perpetual stream of SONUS music, special care and highly rated restaurant food. We still sell the concept of 170 bus rarely, we should have a clear sign highlighting this great accessible tool to London.

Our managers must also constantly monitor:

  • Social media; Facebook, Twitter
  • Hotel proprietary booking engine should be promoted;
Returning customers are an indication of success, integrated services of the hotel are most important.  It is not just about the room, it is about the Room, plus great food and ambiance, plus cup cakes, and Jazz, or Bollywoods.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Groupon on 'The Rafayel'

With a commanding view of London and the river, Battersea's bank-side Hotel Rafayel is a five star eco-friendly masterpiece. Without compromising on decadence or customer experience, the steel, glass and timber building incorporates state-of-the-art LED lighting technology, air conditioning and rainwater harvesting, shrinking carbon shoe sizes by 20%. The Hotel's Banyan on the Thames restaurant, besides offering exquisite river views and an alfresco terrace for fair weather dining, has been awarded the prestigious Toptable gold award for achieving the fastest ever ascendency to culinary fame.

Throw an epicurean party for all the senses with a three course Italian buffet for two. Appetites can be filled and taste buds tickled with an array of Mediterranean delights, while the live jazz performance from Michael Roberts in the ambient Nirvana lounge will deliver aural pleasure while provide a fitting accompaniment to the awe-inspiring riverside views.


Just over a year after opening the Banyan on Thames restaurant was awarded the prestigious TopTable Gold Award as a result of exceptionally positive feedback from customers. Although afternoon tea at the restaurant has yet to be reviewed, the venue itself has been featured in national press such as The Daily Mail and prominent entertainment guide Time Out. Diners have particularly enjoyed the spectacular views over the Thames, both from inside the restaurant and on the terrace.

the restaurant has cornered quite a nifty place overlooking the river where the view for the diners is superb. The atmosphere is warm and friendly and the service was efficient. Banyan will be our haunt on every visit to London. Highly highly recommended to all.

– Tamara Moayyed, Time Out


Thursday, 5 May 2011

Bollywood Glamour in Battersea

Rafayel on the Left Bank
An Evening of Bollywood Glamour
on Saturday, 28th May 2011

Be dazzled by the rhythmic and mesmerizing live performance of London’s Top Indian Dance Troupe
Bollywood UK

have your taste buds tingling with our specially prepared Indian Canapé Selection served for the entire evening

On Arrival enjoy a complimentary Cocktail

Escape to our Nirvana Lounge where you can dance the night away to the sounds of our in house DJ

Or relax with a shisha in our Japanese Garden

The Party will be at  Rafayel Hotel in Battersea
Japanese Terrace – 4:30pm – 10:00om
Nirvana Lounge – 10:00pm – 12:30pm

Tickets cost £18.95 pp

Hotel Rafayel on the Left Bank, 34 Lombard Road, Battersea, London SW11 3RF

for further enquiries and reservations:  please call +44 (0) 20 7801 3600 or 3610
Or write to: or

Check us out for more on facebook