Sunday, 15 May 2011

Banyan on the Thames - Gastronaut's Glee

Gastronauts are reviewers who are considered as unsentimental lovers of food and culinary experts with thin-skinned taste buds

Banyan on Thames has such interesting menu-I have been several times and enjoyed it every time. I was sad that the battered monkfish and chips is no loner on the menu-the haddock was not quie as good.The scallops as starters were delicious as was my friend's crab and my dessert of lemon and bluebery pie with Italian meringue was very tasty. Service was good, as ever and we enjoyed our evening.

·      overall: 8.5

·      food: 9

·      value: 9

·      service: 9

·      toilets: 8

·      ambience: 8

·      recommend: 8

9 May 2011

LOVE Banyan on the Thames! It was a really nice evening, I just missed the sunset!!!! But food was excellent. Thai fishcakes to start with and the T-bone steak was cooked to perfection. Will be going back again as it is brilliant value with this offer. Service lets it down slightly, the staff all look a bit miserable!

·      overall: 8.8

·      food: 9

·      value: 10

·      service: 6

·      toilets: 10

·      ambience: 10

·      recommend: 8

9 May 2011

Banyan on Thames offers good food with a bit of a twist, its a lovely restaurant with great atmosphere and I would definitely recommend it, The rack of lamb is my favourite, always cooked to perfection - already booking up my next meal :)

·     overall: 10.0

·     food: 10

·     value: 10

·     service: 10

·     toilets: 10

·     ambience: 10

·     recommend: 10

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  1. A review of a fascinating culinary... Is not culinary is! Enjoy it and make a review as well, there's always a great thing and also annoying at the same time, but enjoy and through it with a happy heart! Cuisine is wonderful!

    The pictures are very nice I was amazed at all! I also write about travel... :)