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Philips, Lloyd's Group and VDA Technologies nominate 'The Rafayel' for top UK Green Award Sept, 2011.

Hotel Rafayel was conceptualized on “green” principles.  As a teaser reference, we have summarized some of the various eco-friendly features that the hotel employs to give you an idea on the extent of our genuine efforts towards playing our part responsibly on this planet by reducing our carbon footprint:

Hypnos beds – The ultimate retreat for our guests HYPNOS  
Bed Disposal & Recycling - Hypnos provides a revolutionary:

Bed disposal and recycling service that exceeds environmental objectives, providing a zero landfill and a zero carbon footprint process. Machinery at Hypnos’s certified ‘waste management’ facility shreds and separates materials. The recycled raw materials are used within a range of alternative manufacturing processes - nothing is wasted and nothing ends up in landfill: metal hinges and springs are recycled back into steel products; timber into MDF or wood shavings; foam reused in carpet underlay; textiles recycled into insulation products or briquettes for industrial heating – even the packaging materials from new beds are also recycled.

The centrepiece of each and every bedroom is a sumptuous Hypnos bed, the ultimate sleep indulgence. Hypnos has been making beds since Edwardian days, with the skill and care that no mass producer can match. Combining traditional skills with constant innovation Hypnos has a reputation for making the most comfortable beds in the world. A Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II reinforces Hypnos’s reputation for the very best of British quality. In fact, Hypnos doesn’t just make beds for hotels, Hypnos beds can also be found around the world in the finest homes and palaces. Enjoy the amazing experience of sleeping, Hypnos style.

Vivreau bottling system

Hotel Rafayel has saved both cost and energy savings accumulated from installing the Vivreau bottling system.

Rafayel worked out how much it will be eliminating in terms of weight of glass for both delivery and disposal, and the results were quite shocking.

Based on an average weight of a glass bottle and the average consumption by installing the Vivreau system, 
Rafayel will be eliminating 500,000 kg of delivered bottled water over 5 years , which is a huge amount. We will also be eliminating 205,000 kg of glass bottled waste for disposal.


The Services strategy by Engdesign required a high-quality building with good ventilation, heating and cooling, and the lowest possible energy use. Being a Hotel, the project had strict specifications with respect to flexibility in the case of building rearrangement, low energy consumption via heat recovery as well as quiet operation. The Daikin system installed at Hotel 
Rafayel achieves all of these features.

To obtain the desired optimum energy use, heat recovery was chosen. VRVIII H/R systems allow excess heat generated in one part of the building to be transferred to other parts of the building where heat is needed. VRVIII H/R has the best energy efficiency ratings in the industry, while maintaining the highest levels of comfort due to the possibility of continuous heating during defrost cycles, quick changeover between heating and cooling modes, and the ability to provide optimum climate control per chosen building zone.


The ventilation system in 
Rafayel is driven by Colman Moducel Airhandling units, these incorporate heat exchangers (recuperators) which run with up to 70% heat recovery efficiencies. Heat recovery will occur in both heating and cooling modes, dependent upon the temperatures of fresh and return air being supplied and extracted from the spaces within the Hotel. This combined with intelligent controls ensure that energy recovery is optimised under all ambient conditions.


Philips have collaborated with Latis from the outset to design the lighting at 
Rafayel. The concept was based around achieving the desired aesthetics and ambience with very low energy consumption; this was done through the use of the latest generation LED technology by Philips. The LED lighting within the Hotel will bring up to 80% of energy saving compared to the conventional low-wattage halogen based lighting. (Attached please find the energy audit report of Philips).

Philips have pioneered a total solution of LED’s suitable for Hotel use through a combination of their Master LED bulbs and iColour powercore LED’s. These Master LED range of bulbs offer all the dimmable features and a quality of light that is ideal for the bedrooms/lobbies and circulation areas within the Hotel. The latest Philips iColour powercore LED technology drives all the featured colour changing lighting to enhance the spaces and bring a dynamic ambience to the restaurant and lobbies.
Rafayel is also the first hotel to showcase the latest Philips Jetlag recovery technology within its prime river suite rooms.


Micromaster, a cost saving Room Management System, is a state of the art system. VDA’s Micromaster solution becomes part of the fabric of the building, and allows the operator to 'micro-manage' the energy usage in each and every guestroom, public area, or back office with technology and software that can enable the owner/operator to reduce energy running costs by up to 30%

In any hotel, the air conditioning and heating may account for 70% of the energy usage in a guest bedroom, but by using the Micromaster solution it allows total management and control of maximum and minimum room temperatures. This not only massively reduces energy costs, it also helps extend the life of the plant systems in the hotel, and can help reduce their maintenance costs with them being utilised in a more controlled way. It also helps towards reducing the property’s Carbon Footprint.

The Micromaster solution allows the hotel to control areas such as energy, housekeeping, security etc. but not only that, the guest interface has now become an attractive design feature, with touch sensitive glass control units that work just like an IPOD, becoming activated when a guest moves close to them.


Landscaping forms a very important part of the Hotel design to ensure that the luxury and ambience within is extended to the external spaces. 8000sqft of ground floor/terraces will be luxuriously planted. All the fountains/landscaping zones will be irrigated through a system served by harvested rain water. The rain water is collected through the large open terraces across the 17 storey building, and stored in large capacity tanks in the basement.
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