Thursday, 16 August 2012

Saving our planet - the change starts from YOU.

We are not idle preachers, but practice what we preach all the time. A change should start from 'us.'  It is all within us to save our planet!

Do you know that it will take between 450 and 500 years for a PET bottle to degrade?

The simplest way to recycle PET water bottles is to refill them with water rather than buy another one! 

Given that more than 25% of all bottled water comes out of a tap anyway, doesn't that make sense? And if you're worried about fluoride and chlorine, use a filter or boil the water.

Hotel Rafayel, a luxury hotel in London’s Battersea, asked water cooler manufacturer Vivreau to help it in achieving its low-emissions goal. We have no plastics, we use glass bottles, and we refill water.  At Hotel Rafayel in Battersea the only water available is filtered tap water in branded re-fillable glass bottles.  Reduce, sort and recycle waste.

"The more waste a company produces, the more it will inevitably cost them in disposal charges and makes its overall carbon footprint larger. Source suppliers who don't use excess packaging to reduce the amount of waste coming in, or cut some services out completely. Hotel Rafayel avoids sending an estimated 250,000 plastic bottles to landfill by not offering complimentary bottled mineral water, or selling it in the bar or restaurant. If you do create waste, sort it first to cut costs."

To help them with their eco goals, Hotel Rafayel has enlisted the assistance of Vivreau, a manufacturer of mains-fed bottled water systems. It’s estimated that the Vivreau table water bottling system – an alternative to pre-bottled still and sparkling mineral waters – will allow Hotel Rafayel to eliminate 432 tonnes of delivered bottled water over five years, in addition to a further 205 tonnes of glass bottle waste for disposal. This is based on a requirement of 250 litres per day, 1,750 litres per week, or 292 cases per week, which invariably will free up fridge and storage space as well as address waste and carbon emissions.

Vivreau drinking water systems dispense purified and filtered mains water and, according to a Vivreau spokesperson, this equates to a carbon footprint close to that of mains water as the need for carbon intensive packaging and transportation associated with pre-bottled waters is eliminated.

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