Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Mottra Caviar: The World's Only Truly Sustainable Caviar

We are delighted to announce that Mottra Caviar, “the world’s only truly sustainable caviar” will be available in Hotel Rafayel. Rafayel’s philosophy of sustainability is not limited to environmentally-friendly issues -- it also incorporates a commitment to ethical practices. Mottra caviar is ethical, ecological, sustainable, healthy and, arguably most important, delicious!!

Established in 2002, Mottra is certified by the United Nations Convention for International Trade of Endangered Species. Mottra’s caviar is ethically milked from sturgeon in a non-harmful manner so that the fish can continue to spawn. Fed with organic feed, Mottra’s sturgeon is farmed in an environmentally-friendly farm which is energy and water efficient and which does not pollute the surrounding area with chemicals or additives.

Free from artificial substances and preservatives (apart from minimal salt), the caviar produced by Mottra is extremely subtle in flavour and is free from sharp or fishy aftertaste, qualities eagerly sought by caviar connoisseurs. The caviar is not wet, mushy or sticky and, due to Mottra’s special farming methods, looks, smells and tastes very much like it would have in centuries past, before the intensive fishing of underage sturgeon commenced. Indeed, much of the caviar Mottra offers is similar to that which has been enjoyed by Tsars and Shahs.

Mottra is proud to declare that it “brings the unique taste of real caviar back to caviar lovers.” We are proud to bring Mottra to our guests!

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