Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Rafayel's Mission Statement

Even at the best of times, let alone in the current economic climate, fierce competition from hotel chains and large groups can make it hard for independent hotels to perform well. By outsourcing HR, sales and various non-core activities, Rafayel on the Left Bank has been able to forge a new corporate model; one which we hope will be viewed as a yardstick for independent hotels to achieve better results in the competitive landscape of the hospitality industry.

Thinking outside the box and developing our concepts of affordable luxury and living at peace with nature enables the Rafayel brand to challenge the established order. From building a unique product to managing and running it, we strive for originality and innovation. Our technology and emphasis has customer orientation as its primary focus.

Our decision to use the latest cutting-edge technology, at considerable expense, to replace redundant energy-hungry technology is grounded in our philosophy of doing what we can to minimise the harmful effects that an unsustainable carbon footprint will wreak on future generations. We are not shallow thinkers or narrow-minded consumers; for us, the huge capital costs of technology payback through lower emissions are a minor price to pay towards building a better world for future generations. We know that we can only ever play a tiny role in the greater, global, effort to securing a clean future, but we are ardent believers in the principle of leading by example. Our “no plastic” policy and LED lighting alone will reduce our CO2 emissions by 500,000 kg per year.

We have also taken the initiative to provide employment opportunities to those who seek to improve their lot in life. We have taken on board and trained a number of ambitious individuals who simply require the chance to prove themselves and demonstrate their skills. Our approach has been controversial but we believe it is our responsibility to give everyone an equal chance; we are proud to have gambled and built a team of individuals who share our passion for making our dream a reality.

We want Rafayel to be more than a mere hotel or management company. Without wishing to appear grandiloquent or over-ambitious, we see ourselves as establishing a culture, and a movement of change. Our mantra is to live at peace with nature, offer affordable luxury and provide opportunities for those who share our vision. All this is pursued with the over-arching aim of affording our customers the best service and the happiest experience.

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