Monday, 25 January 2010

Rafayel's Spa and Bakery - New Photos

Rafayel's River Wellbeing Spa aims to reposition spa-going as a healing activity, as part of a complete health and wellbeing experience. The Hotel and Spa team believe that treatments such as massage, water therapies, natural skincare, nutritional therapy and exercise need to be redefined as an integral part of a health-conscious lifestyle, with the emphasis on their far-reaching curative effects rather than simply being luxurious indulgences.

To this end, the River Wellbeing Spa features an Exercise Pool and a Hydrotherapy Pool (pictured below):

Of course a treat from our lobby bakery can also make you feel wonderfully (indeed, decadently!) good and content!

Below is the latest photo of MyChelle's Baketique, which offers you deliciously inspired and unique cakes and desserts:

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