Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Big Hospitality cites Hotel Rafayel in its Sustainability Week articles

Hotel Rafayel is delighted that its dedication to sustainability has caught the attention of Big Hospitality, one of the leading publications in the hospitality industry.

Ten Ways to Run Your Business More Sustainably

"This week BigHospitality has been behind the scenes at eight restaurants, hotels and pubs to find out what they've been doing to make their businesses more sustainable. We've put together what we've learnt from their owners with other information to form our top 10 tips to help make your business greener, leaner and more ethical."

"1. Offer tap or filtered water as a default

"Offering free tap water to customers or charging a small amount for filtered water cuts carbon emissions involved in transporting bottled water from its source and cuts waste associated with empty plastic and glass bottles. As well as tap water, JoJo's restaurant in Whitstable is offering filtered tap at its new premises, charging £1 per jug, with unlimited refills, to cover costs. At Hotel Rafayel in Battersea the only water available is filtered tap water in branded re-fillable glass bottles. If you must offer bottled, stock a brand whose profits fund clean water projects globally.

"2. Reduce, sort and recycle waste

"The more waste a company produces, the more it will inevitably cost them in disposal charges and makes its overall carbon footprint larger. Source suppliers who don't use excess packaging to reduce the amount of waste coming in, or cut some services out completely. Hotel Rafayel avoids sending an estimated 250,000 plastic bottles to landfill by not offering complimentary bottled mineral water, or selling it in the bar or restaurant. If you do create waste, sort it first to cut costs."

Full article available HERE

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