Monday, 15 February 2010

*Qype Does London - Interview with Hotel Rafayel

*Qype Does London - Interview with Hotel Rafayel

by inspiration junkie

"As eco-friendly meets eco-cation, Qype discovers the new kid on the luxury accommodation block, with an exclusive interview with manager Tibor Kiss.

"Qype: What is an eco-friendly hotel, why will this concept prove popular in London?

"TB: As Copenhagen’s Climate Change Conference stalls, the world’s most advanced five-star green hotel launches in London. Perhaps the world’s leaders should have met at Hotel Rafayel? Ike Latif, a committed believer in green technology and environmental well-being, strongly believes that the procedures implemented by his hotel could help change the standard of five-star hotels around the world...

"Qype: What makes Hotel Rafayel such a unique venue in comparison to its luxury counterparts?

"TB: The hotel interiors are focused on the guest experience and have been designed to create luxury through the creation of large spaces, and use of rich heavy materials. The rooms are large, up to 700 sqft with the average room being 350 sqft. The room ‘plug and play’ technology allows compatibility with a wide range of media devices from laptops to Ipods and even gaming consoles. Once plugged in, these devices play through the room TV and inbuilt audio system, making the rooms ideal for business and play. Seven river suites feature jet lag recovery, a Philips technology integrated into the design by LATIS; this is a hotel industry first and offers a unique experience for the guest....

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