Monday, 24 May 2010


Outside the congestion zone and valet parking for a charge of £10 a day!

LONDON is a great world metropolis but the growth in population and work force in the last decade has rendered the city car-“unfriendly”. It also gave birth to the controversial congestion charging scheme. While effective in terms of improving London’s transport system, it is expensive and certainly uneconomical for those who enjoy driving around the city for leisure. Or stop off to sightsee.

ENTER RAFAYEL. If you are driving to London, our hotel is the place to stay! It is your home away from home.

A SURVEY reveals that the maximum traffic is generated from shires and Home Counties. So if you are driving down to London from there, or from Ireland, Scotland or Wales, Rafayel is your perfect resort. Being outside the congestion zone, our guests can enjoy the luxury of having their cars safely valet-parked for a nominal charge of £10 a day! No other hotel in London offers this convenience. You can then avail our free shuttle service to Clapham Junction or Clapham Commons and take the tube or train to major tourist attractions within 10-30 minutes depending on your destination choice. Or walk down the scenic riverbank to King’s Road within 20 minutes.

RAFAYEL promises to be a delight this summer. Other than our perfect river location and luxurious environment, our strong points?

o We are on the sunny side of London, on the southwest of the Thames where the sun always shines! Take advantage of the summer equinox!
o Bathe in the sunlight on our unique rooftop terraces and enjoy the 360-degree view of the City!
o Enjoy our 24-hour valet-parking services in a congestion free zone at £10 a day and rid yourself of worry! Feel free to spend fun days out in the City with your partner or family at your own pace, or relax outdoor at the hotel, or at our River Wellbeing Spa.
o Drive to Rafayel and use our complimentary shuttle service – Be in London by being “out” of the City traffic!

WELCOME TO RAFAYEL! We’ll take care of you.

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