Thursday, 6 May 2010

Race for Life coming to Battersea!

By poonamkay

Thursday, April 22, 2010, 23:30

Our very own Battersea Park will be hosting a Race for Life 2010 run in aid of breast cancer on Wednesday 26th May.

By participating in the run, you will be one of 5600 women who will be walking, jogging or full-on running 5k to beat the £534,300 Race for Life want to raise for Cancer Research UK¹s admirable work.

If you¹re an interested lady, we¹re giving you a heads-up over four weeks in advance so you can get training.

Here are some top tips for your regime:

Build up your fitness, by increasing the duration of your regime and

intensity weekly.

Eat complex carbs as these take longer to digest, thus ensuring that you don¹t burn your energy too quickly. Examples of complex carbs are wholemeal bread and pasta.

Set yourself a goal ­ this way you¹ll have something specific to train for.

If you achieve it, you¹ll be happy and if you don¹t, you¹ll have something to work towards.

Wear comfortable trainers to protect your feet and make your training more bearable.

Reward yourself, for example by recording your favourite programme to watch after your training session.

The run will begin at 19:30. Be there or be square! And head to the Race for Life website for more information.

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