Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Cycling and River Adventures

What better way to enjoy and discover London in the summer than to hop on a bicycle and cruise around the city, or get venturesome and go kayaking, or “RIBing” on the Thames.

So if you want to add extra flavour and adventure on your visit to London, our staff wi
ll spare you the work and arrange everything. All you have to do is pay the provider’s charges. We recommend Go Pedal for the ultimate cycling experience. For RIB fun on the Thames, The Thames RIB Experience, is a great choice. For exclusive tours or family days out, or your day off, throw in kayaking as a to-do in your “fun” list with The Thames River Adventures. As a cautionary tip, offers are subject to personal insurance and tide conditions on the Thames.

The “go-green” experience of bicycling in London
Rafayel recommends Go Pedal. They deliver bikes whenever you want and pick them up once you’re done. www.gopedal.co.uk.

Certainly, as Go Pedal suggests, on a bike you can see so many sights, while avoiding the traffic congestion; you're not contributing to the pollution, and you're getting some great exercise.

These are the reasons why more and more Londoners are getting around by bike: bicycle usage has doubled over the past 5 years and about half a million bike journeys are now made each day in the city. It's fun, it's good for you and the environment and it's easy. Give it a try!

The bikes they offer are classic city cruisers. Fully adjustable so one-size-fits all: smart Chelsea Blue with cross-bar or bright Pillar-box red open-frame. They have fat tyres and a big, sprung seat, providing a very comfortable ride, whatever the bumps. A smooth twist-grip shifts a Shimano 3 speed rear hub. There's a chain-cover, and bright chrome mud-guards hug the tyres, keeping you clean and dry whatever you're riding over. And a strong rack over the rear wheel will hold a bag, as well as your D-lock. Helmets and D-locks are provided with each.

And if you'd like to go pedalling with some little ones, Go Pedal also hire out Burley Bee child trailers. These are an excellent design and very safe. Although not to be used on London roads, they are great fun on cycle-tracks, in parks and so on; nobody likes to see them mixing with London motor traffic.

Where to cycle in London?

You can start this at several places, including Battersea Park (and cycling past St Mary's Church, dating back to 1777) and Putney, the start-point for the annual Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race. Upstream from Putney, the ride is entirely traffic-free, and you can include Kew Gardens, the bird-watchers' paradise London Wetlands Centre and Richmond Park, dating back to the 12th century and the largest open space in London. Go to: http://www.gopedal.co.uk/WhereToCycleInLondon.htm

To enjoy the ultimate experience, you can select from a bouquet of choices here: http://www.gopedal.co.uk/Links.htm

Boating and Kayaking experience on the Thames

Another great way to see London sights and sounds is from the most famous waterway in the world, the River Thames! http://www.thamesribexperience.com/index.php

Experience London from the River Thames during an hour long fantastic and exhilarating London RIB Speed Boat Trip, which includes a super RIB Boat Tour of all the famous London Historic Sites, followed by an exciting, fun and fast Thames Speed Boat ride on their brand new RIB Thames Speedboats. Book yourselves the Ultimate London RIB Thames Boat Ride whenever you want... completely different from other Thames Boat Tours!

As you journey along the river, their guide will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the vast amount of wonderful sights that London has.
Only a stone’s throw from all the major tourist areas Westminster, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, The Strand, Trafalgar Square so whilst enjoying Central London go for the ultimate experience and get close to the London sights on our brand new boats on the River Thames. Experience more of London’s historical sights in one hour than on any more conventional tours.

As passenger numbers are limited to a maximum of 12 passengers, this enables you to interact with the knowledgeable guide and therefore passengers are able to get more of what they want out of the tour.

Passengers can choose from two trips taking in the historical sights of London to the heart of the financial district Canary Wharf or venture further down river to The Thames Flood Barrier, enabling passengers to see wonderful historical Greenwich (where the world of navigation began) from the River and also on to some of the modern wonders of this fantastic City – The O2 and The Thames Flood Barrier.

Take away a memory of your experience on the Thames. They would be able to print the photographs we have taken of you with the famous London landmarks in the background immediately upon return from the trip.

The Ultimate River Experience: Go Kayak, Go Green!
The Thames River Adventures – No Carbon Footprint!

If you fancy doing something a bit more adventurous while on holiday or on your day off, then give kayaking on the River Thames a try. It's fun, it's active, and it's also a great way to see the Sights of London using non-powered craft, leaving no carbon footprint!

They offer exclusive tours that are worth every penny. They do not hire out kayaks but provide Guided Tours with British Canoe Union Qualified Instructors.

*Please contact Reservations at Hotel Rafayel on the Left Bank during your stay to make arrangements for you.

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