Thursday, 10 June 2010

Let Them Eat Cup Cake

Although I’m not usually a very sweet-toothed person, sometimes treats just jump out and grab your attention and this was exactly the case when I came across Mychelle’s Baketique housed in the eco-friendly hotel Rafayel on The Left Bank. The very talented and creative Michelle Husserl honed her talents at London’s Le Cordon Bleu Institute and has recently opened the Baketique to fulfil her love of baking, and the treats on offer are very hard to resist and her client list including Jalouse, Whisky Mist and Eight members’ club shows the quality on offer.

With a huge range of products it’s not just cupcakes on offer with larger custom pieces available. Having sampled some of these delights I can see them going down very well for children’s (and grown up!) parties however I feel that there is the danger that will all the healthy options available including vegan, gluten free as well as fat and sugar free that the yummy cakes may have difficulty getting past the yummy mummys. Whatever you choose, it’ll be a pleasure.

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