Tuesday, 13 October 2009

"The Most Comfortable Beds in the World"

Named after the Greek god of sleep, and father of Morpheus (the god of dreams), Hypnos has been producing luxury handcrafted beds for over a century and has a reputation for making “the most comfortable beds in the world”. A family-run British business, Hypnos proudly bears the Royal Warrant of HM The Queen and its beds can be found in some of the world’s finest palaces, hotels and homes.

At Hotel Rafayel we treat all our guests like royalty and so we are proud to provide a Hypnos bed in every room. No mass manufacturer can match the quality of these handmade items. Master craftsmen have combined their traditional skills with the latest technology to provide our guests with the ultimate sleep indulgence.

However, no matter how distinguished a company’s clients or how glorious its products, we at Hotel Rafayel expect commitment to an environmentally-friendly philosophy. We take environmental issues seriously and expect the same from our suppliers.

We are therefore delighted that Hypnos provides a revolutionary bed disposal and recycling service that exceeds all environmental objectives, providing a zero landfill and a zero carbon footprint process. Machinery at Hypnos’s certified ‘waste management’ facility shreds and separates materials. The recycled raw materials are used within a range of alternative manufacturing processes - nothing is wasted and nothing ends up in landfill: metal hinges and springs are recycled back into steel products; timber into MDF or wood shavings; foam reused in carpet underlay; textiles recycled into insulation products or briquettes for industrial heating – even the packaging materials from new beds are recycled!

Comfort, quality and conscience. Hypnos is clearly right for Rafayel!

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