Sunday, 11 October 2009

Tomorrow'sWorld Today

In this digital age we rely on technology to make our daily lives easier and more enjoyable. The average home is brimming with hi-tech wizardry, much of which is regarded as essential to our 21st century lifestyle. Unfortunately, hotels often seem to lag behind the average home, with the latest technological gadgetry taking many years to find its way into hotel rooms and leaving guests frustrated. At Hotel Rafayel we understand this. We know that our guests want to have the same hi-tech access that they can receive at home. It is our goal to meet and exceed those expectations.

Our rooms, all of which have a Philips-designed energy saving lighting scheme and a high efficiency Daikin air-conditioning system, are amongst the most advanced to be found anywhere in the world.

Features which are standard in all rooms include:

* Personal digital frames that can be uploaded with your favourite pictures.

* VDA Micromaster room automation system with touch control glass panels enabling door access, lighting control, air conditioning control, internet room service and housekeeping management

* MediaHub panel fitted to all bedrooms allowing guests to connect their laptop, iPod, MP3, game console, digital camera or DVD player to the in-room TV and audio system

* Flush ceiling speakers to bedrooms and bathrooms to allow audio from TV or personal device connected through MediaHub

* Philips HD 32” Ambilight LCD TVs

* IPTV System with freeview channels, blockbuster movies, radio, TV internet, on-screen newspapers, room service and express checkout.

* In-room video conferencing enabled

* Free broadband and Wi-Fi

* Cordless and speaker phones available via guest services

* Wii, Playstations & games and laptops available via guest services

Whether it be offering you a digital version of any newspaper from around the world, enabling you to speak to family or co-workers via video-conferencing, supplying you with any mobile/cell phone charger you might want, or providing you with the ability to connect your favourite digital media player to your room TV and audio system, we have tried hard to make the hotel experience as easy, pleasurable and convenient as possible.

There is only one downside….you may never want to leave your room!

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