Saturday, 10 October 2009

Rafayel is Roomy!

As an ecologically aware hotel, Rafayel on the Left Bank is committed to doing as much as it can to help preserve our planet’s environment and its precious resources. But long gone are the days when practitioners of a “green” philosophy had to sacrifice luxury and make do with second best!

We at Rafayel want each and every one of our guests to enjoy the most luxurious, relaxing and decadent stay imaginable. Utilising the latest technology and making full use of our spacious setting, we are able to adhere to our ecological principles whilst delivering 5-star quality and comfort to all of our guests.

Nowhere is this dual doctrine of “conscience “and “quality” more obvious than in our 65 plush bedrooms, all of which feature our bespoke furniture and fittings. London is a city notorious for small hotel rooms. We know all too well that many hotels practice the false economy of trying to increase the number of bedrooms at the expense of room, corridor and lobby size. This is an approach we wholeheartedly reject. Visitors will be struck by the generous width of our corridors and the overall feeling of space that permeates all areas of the hotel.

Rooms at Rafayel on the Left Bank come in one of four spacious sizes:

Big (The Mississippi Rooms) – up to 220 sq ft
Bigger (The Yangtze Rooms) – up to 350 sq ft
Even Bigger (The Amazon Suites) – up to 500 sq ft
Biggest (The Nile Suites) – up to 700 sq ft

Our rooms are open and airy and, graced with full-length windows, are suffused with an abundance of natural daylight. Needless to say, given our magnificent location, high-up on the Battersea riverfront, our rooms afford breathtaking views over this great city.

Our indulgent bathrooms are extremely spacious and feature body-spray showers, with larger rooms equipped with hydrotherapy baths. By harvesting rain water collected from our various terraces we are able to offset such luxury by 6,000 litres of water per day. Rain water is used to grow thousands of new plants on our grounds and it feeds a beautiful fountain that recycles the water. The fountain is notable for its LED low-footprint lighting display. We eventually hope to reinforce these eco-friendly credentials by increasing our rain harvesting capacity to 10,000 litres per day.

But the decadence does not end there! For our rooms are amongst the most technologically-advanced one will find anywhere in London or indeed the world. More about this in our next post.

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  1. Truly incredibly,the epitome of luxury in London