Friday, 15 October 2010

A critic on 'Timeout' compares Banyan steak quality to Elbuli..

Absolute gem ,eclectic menu that caters for wide variety of taste that cosmopolitan Londoners have developed.

Banyan has a very good taste palette. World number 1 restaurant El Bullis Chef Ferran Adria shreds the rule book of fine dining and present customers with food that often does not meet any gastronomic or culinary elucidation, in a far modest but similar way Banyan follows suit, I sensed that; it is a great feat of gastronomic expertise.


It is trendy, stylish on the river, and value oriented, they try to cook food that is filling and very tasty, it defies established culinary practices and brings real life on the table.

Their menu especially Angus steak melts in the mouth, so is Monk fish and Chips, the reason being they are able to do it perfectly by wrapping the moisture within the steak and serve fresh fish that has more of fish than batter, both are cooked with all the freshness to perfection.

I think with natural ability to eat good, I can pair flavors in food, for me it all goes together like a fine tuned orchestra or a flop. Banyan Chef definitely impressed me and has a taste palette that is both fine tuned and exquisite. Timeout two star rating for this place is travesty the least if not an oversight.

I find the streak of genius where the food served is authentic and very well thought about, well done Battersea, who knows this streak of originality in few years may lead them with better reviews and crowds, I would suggest this hidden gem should be fully exploited for its great food and very low price.

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