Thursday, 20 October 2011

Do you know you are a genius? You are born to fly, why are you crawling?

At Rafayel, we believe everyone is a whiz kid.  We convey the best in every one and we get the best out of everyone. We empower our youngest and the rawest to tread the deep end.  We are known for our flourish and exemplary set of young people who set new standards. That is how we achieve them by giving them a road map of forward thinking. 

You want to be something, be something, it starts with you: A renaissance man is a man that has a wide-angle view of life; a renaissance man will use the internet as a tool for expanding knowledge and intensifying advances to decode our existence.

A small step is what unlocks our great potential.  I see them all around; I always encourage those who want to unlock that low self-esteem, and to rediscover that a Steve Jobs is within them.  There is one “hungry and foolish” Steve Jobs in every one of us.  Just discover it to its true potential. That is the true pre-occupation that we are missing here.  Don't be envious of those better than us; why not unchain our own hidden mysteries and become like them. We have in us the prospective and probable talent.  It is just that we have not yet discovered the door to our garage.

Rigorous self and mind training: A minimum of 90 minutes a day to seed your mental garden! Your mind is your biggest treasure, we all leave and move on but what we leave behind is our thoughts and our actions.

Training of our minds is as essential as daily physical exercise. It must be done day after day, frequently, and order is desirable. Try every day, think something and reflect on what others have written about just five minutes, try to improve your level of thinking and try to analyze and synthesize your living. Break the routine of your life, the easiest is to change the pattern of your thinking; if you have no time and you live a scheduled life, time will fly. It is the routine that needs to be broken down.  Find new styles of doing things.

At a fixed time, at your work place, find time for yourself.  Just five minutes of self-contemplation, avoid monosyllables and try to think coherently and cogently, create ideas and write them down. It will initially be difficult but the hidden genius in you will roar out. The mountain will roar and the lion inside will be released. Think and contemplate, think what change you want to bring into your routine, be positive, implement the positive strategy and keep running the schedule. Perfect discipline doesn't come right away; it takes a little time to have the body and mind adjust.

Do you have a mentor, a mentor who is your role model? A Mentor should epitomize success and success is not about money but intellect; success of ideas leads to material affluence and your ability to share that. Material affluence is meaningless if sharing is absent.

Mind and body need contrasting medicines – one is food of thought, and the other, material success, both interdependent and only achievable if pursued in tandem.

The mental blend you want to learn is from the likes of Stephen Hawking, Einstein, Bertrand Russell, Plato, Dalai Lama, or Mandela. Make one of them your role model. Learn from greats and not from mediocrates. The blend for success in life will come from the likes of Branson, Jobs, Gates; the perfection would be the assortment of the aptitude of the former and material successes of the later.

Rarity of success to achieve high accomplishments is the biggest mental block; but if you aim high enough you end up fairly elevated. You have to careful; don't burn like the Icarus, to aim so high that you end up in a zone where your wings melt.  Self-realization of capacity and limitation is an art; you will become skilled at as you decipher life.

If you are not being opposed and you are the most likable person, something is amiss.  The initial signs of intelligence and genius in you will be that you will be opposed by the mediocrates as soon as the change will become visible.  It needs opposing air to lift a plane with all its engine muscle; in vacuum a plane cannot fly.

Even if you are smart, intelligent and productive, you need hostility, rudeness and antagonism to make you thirsty enough to cross the desert.  Going over the hurdle is one of the most difficult problems, that is how you break from the chains of mediocrity but it will not happen if the genius is not original and threatening the status quo. Not everyone is asked to drink hemlock or be burnt at the stake.  Create that opposition; thrive in it, don't live in your comfort zone. Most of us do.

Read and learn: What we put into our minds is what we get out of our experience. When you turn on the tap on one end, eventually, water flows out the other end; you need input for a synthesized output. Submerge in the experiences of the others, use 'global death of distance' to your advantage. The best source is the biographies or autobiographies of people who have excelled in life.

Self-reflection time: You and your inner voice need to have a discussion.  Most of the time that is what 'Introspection time' is essentially all about. You need to reaffirm to your own self that this is the new direction in which you wish to move. You replace the aged mindset with a vigorous new mindset. Self-talk is not about hearing voices in your head but essential rediscovery of yourself.

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